vegan chocolate truffles

pride month at mallow

june is pride month – and for the last 53 years – has been a month dedicated to celebrating lgbtq+ communities around the world

it is not only a time of celebration but also an opportunity for education and awareness.
we remember the history, struggles and achievements of lgbtq+ communities and recognise that through listening to shared stories and experiences, a better understanding can be formed.

pride reminds us that the fight for equality is ongoing. many lgbtq+ individuals still face discrimination, prejudice and violence. we reflect on the challenges that persist and continue in our advocacy to build a more inclusive society.

each year, we select a different lgbtq+ charity to collaborate with.
this year we will be supporting diversity role models, a uk-wide charity working with schools to end lgbtq+ bullying through educational workshops and role model storytelling. they educate young people about difference, challenging stereotypes and addressing the misuse of language. they aim to shape a world where everyone embraces diversity and can thrive.

for the month of june, we’ll be making our truffle disco balls filled with chocolate cake and ganache, coated in chocolate glitter. 100% of truffle disco ball profits will be donated to diversity role models. we will also be adding £1 to every bill from 23 – 30 june as an optional donation.

join us in celebrating pride and contributing to an essential cause.