summer tasting menu: from the andes

every year, we take inspiration from cuisines around the world and create something special for the peak summer months.

this year, we’re taking a journey through the high summer traditional tastes of the andes mountains. designed for sharing, this seven-course tasting menu can be tailored to any party size of two or more guests.

enjoy a series of vibrant curated dishes including strawberry & heart of palm ceviche from peru, steamed sweet potato buns from chile, maracuya quinoa flan with caramelised custard from peru and more.

available from the 17th – 31st july
£40 per guest
available at mallow borough market & canary wharf 

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on the menu:

sweet potato chapaleles | chile: steamed sweet potato buns, glazed with maple. served with smoked corn puree & chimichurri

strawberry hibiscus & heart of palm ceviche | peru: pickled salad in a marinade of strawberry lime tiger milk, infused with hibiscus flowers

chachapa with mechado & pumpkin blossom | venezuela: soft corn pancake topped with a puree of pea & avocado, caramelised onion & roast pepper stew, battered pumpkin flowers & sweet candied green jalapeño chilli

aji picante verde | colombia: tangy green salsa with herbs & jalapeño chilli

chorizo caraotas negras | venezuela: black beans stewed with fermented mushroom ‘chorizo’

maracuya quinoa flan, quinoa brittle | peru: caramelised custard with passion fruit & puffed quinoa

dulce de leche alfajores | argentina: the favourite sweet of locals, thick buttery caramel sandwiched between shortbread biscuits, dipped in toasted coconut