about us

brought to you by the team behind mildreds, mallow is a 100% plant-based, sustainable concept in borough market and canary wharf

fresh, colourful food, that’s vibrant and full of flavours. it’s been our motto since the very first mildreds restaurant opened in soho in 1988, and one that we are proud to continue to this day.

at mallow our aim is minimal waste wherever possible, with ingredients sourced from small, sustainable businesses, including those right on our doorsteps. read more about them here.

borough market was established in its current location in 1756. in the 265 years since then, there has never been a fully plant-based restaurant operating in borough market. so we thought it was about time.

canary wharf was once better known for its importation of fruit and vegetables from the canary islands. the hub was used to bring fresh produce and introduce new flavours to many londoners during canary wharf’s early days, and we plan on doing the same today.

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the creative force behind mallow’s plant-based menu is head of food development, sarah wasserman. with over 26 years experience as a chef and recipe developer, primarily in plant based food, sarah is an instrumental part of the mildreds team and responsible for the development of both menus. she co-wrote both of the mildreds cookbooks: mildreds the cookbook and mildreds vegan cookbook, in which she shares some of her ideas to help you create inventive plant-based food at home. sarah’s passion and knowledge for plant based food is unparalleled, bringing you a unique, beautifully crafted menu which shapes the mallow experience.